Nilesh acknowledges Indigenous people around the globe as custodians of natural self science and hereby offers gratitude for keeping cultures alive.

Nilesh teaches Yoga with an emphasis on breath and alignment. He prefers to teach beginners as well as those returning to practice after a long break.

Seniors and children have all benefitted from his very personal approach to discovering your new self through a very age old traditional practice.

Asana (seat in Sanskrit) looks at the physical stretches and discipline required to begin Hatha
practice. Hatha only forms part of what is traditionally known as Yoga. However, before
tradition, there was innocence and inquiry, and Yoga has its roots in an intention to be innocent
and to keep on inquiring. It is non-competitive. It never ends.





Sanskrit is a spoken language with it’s roots in phonetics. Thousands of years ago, it was used as a bridging or common language in Greater India where it is still used as a ceremonial language by Hindus and Buddhists in chants and hymns. From

Time Illusion

There is no end goal in yoga; it is process oriented.


There are no co-incidents. Accept that you are here, and from there on observe life unfold. Try not to get in the way of what is occurring naturally