Feet3Nilesh has been teaching alignment based Hatha Yoga since 2011, with an emphasis on breath and rhythmic movement. He attained his Certificate IV in Teacher Training (500hrs RYT) from Byron Yoga Centre in the Northern Rivers (NSW Australia) which Nilesh has adopted as his spiritual home. The particular style taught at this school is Purna Yoga which translates as ‘all encompassing’ and is a derivative of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga as originally passed on by Sri T Krishnamacharya. He enjoys teaching beginners and believes it is never too late to start a practice. His classes are catered to students. Nilesh holds membership with Yoga Australia as a registered teacher and continues studying with some of the many inspiring and respected global yoga teachers who have made Australia their home.

‘Right now I feel very fortunate to be living in Byron Bay. We have some of the best custodians of ancient wisdom right here at our doorstep in Australia. There are many human practices that have stood the test of time in various cultures and communities around the globe. Yoga is one such activity and after thousands of years to see it resurface stronger than ever down underĀ is amazing.’

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