Yogic Massage

Release repression with subtle relaxation, relying on your own body to awaken slowly using your very own energetic pathways

Nilesh is a Qualified Practitioner of Thai Body Massage also known as Traditional Body Massage which is part of an ancient system of healing known as Ayurveda. Developed and maintained in Thailand over centuries where it has evolved to the current practice, it is a fully clothed massage performed on a padded floor combining assisted stretching with accupressure, energy work and meditation. The results are deeply relaxing and therapeutic for the entire body benefitting anyone wishing to relieve tension and stress.
fullsizerenderNilesh recommends the massage to anyone who is particularly tight around the hamstrings and lower back or even holding tension around the neck, shoulders and upper back. The full traditional massage takes 90 minutes and there is a 60 minute version available as well.

Currently practising in the Northern Rivers and Byron Bay, please email mistasing@gmail.com or call +61 431 414 906 with any queries and to book a session.