Gratefully back in the Byron Shire, Nilesh currently teaches yoga privately and massages from various locations. Please get in touch to inquire or book a session. Expect to pay local rates (discounts are available for private yoga sessions in succession paid in advance)


Aurelia Fly FRONT

Nilesh has previously taught at these folowing locations :


Get Yourself Moving (GYM) – Aurelia Street , Sydney, 2016

Restorative evening class mixing Yin inspired practice with traditional Iyengar recommended poses. Weekend traditional morning class for beginners incorporating mantra, foundation postures and concluding with an introduction to dhyana (meditation through concentration) 75 minutes

ELITE Fitness Norwest, Sydney, 2014 to 2016

Personal fitness aiding classes focusing on pre and post workout stretches. Contemporary sessions using age old techniques such as Vinyasa to energise members and aid them in recovery as well as bring balance to their weekly workout sessions 60 minutes

Hi Reps, Resolution Place, Sydney, 2016

Support classes for cross fitters aiming to add flexibility without compromising on strength. Beginner based approach incorporated within sessions designed to deepen core and target areas vulnerable to tightness and injury. Hatha Yoga foundation postures and early sun salutation sequences. Introduction to personal practice and how to tailor it to your needs 60 minutes

Seva Yoga, Cowper Street, Sydney, 2016

Beginner and open evening Hatha classes (mid-week) preparing students for intermediate  Ashtanga practice with senior resident teacher. Classes aimed to welcome newcomers to Yoga, preparing them with the basic postures that make up the foundation of the two main Surya Namaskaars (sun salutations) employed in Ashtanga Yoga 60 minutes

Winston Hills Yoga,  Kleins Road, Sydney, 2014 to 2016

Traditional Hatha classes (morning and evening) which encourage movement with breath. Transitioning through warming, standing and cooling postures maintaining core and creating space for deeper practice. Troubled areas also targeted in body specific sessions and nidra techniques employed to encourage immersive relaxation 75 minutes

Vita Yoga,  Belongil, Byron Bay, 2013

Beginner Hatha classes (mid-morning and evening) to introduce students to personal practice with postures that loosen up the body and strengthen the spine.  Preparation of students intending to take early morning Ashtanga instructions in an intermediate class with resident teacher. Covering classes for resident teacher (in training with Senior Iyengar Teacher in India) 60 minutes

Serene Earth Sanctuary,  Myocum, Byron Bay, 2013

Beginner Hatha classes (morning) for local students wishing to practice in a nature immersed temple setting without having to pay tourist prices. Morning Hatha classes offering aspirants an opportunity to experience the spiritual effects of a strong physical practice. Private sessions assisting students with specific anatomical challenges and monitoring them tweak their practice for current circumstances 75 minutes

Laughing Buddha Yoga Studios ,  South Beach, Ballina, 2011 to 2012

Introducing yoga to patrons holidaying at a Caravan Park. Beginner classes inspiring first timers to inquire about personal practice. Classes also introduced regular practitioners to various new options available for their current practice. Fun filled classes in a studio boasting superb timber flooring and light filled space 75 minutes

Byron Yoga Centre, Byron Street, Byron Bay, 2009 to 2010

Early morning and afternoon beginner classes teaching Purna yoga to locals and tourists. Free Yoga classes supported by Byron Yoga and the community centre for local residents volunteering in various community organisations around Byron Shire 90 minutes


Classes are perfect for beginners or even intermediate students coming back to practice after a while. Instructions are clear and encouraging. Age is never a barrier.


Private lessons are available after a 15 minute initial consultation which is free. These are available in person or via Skype depending on locations. All lessons are catered to the individual and costs are dependant on time and location. Skype lessons can be paid via Paypal.

Group privates are also available with a minimum requirement of 4 students per group.

All equipment and logistics for privates are included in price.


Yoga in the workspace is a great way to build trust and teamwork while encouraging good health and awareness. These are short informative sessions which encourage safety and efficiency and tips on alleviating and maintaining healthy stress levels. The sessions are catered to combat extended sitting postures which end up tightening the hips, hamstrings and shoulders in particular, including the neck and lower back in many cases. Having worked in many offices in Australia and abroad, Nilesh brings a wealth of personal experience to share some handy tips on how to get through your day behind a desk without taking it home!

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