Yoga is movement with awareness to accommodate growth in stillness.

‘Move It Or Lose It!’ The body as we know it is more than the sum of all knowledge ever collected by humanity about this body. That is because at this moment, all that knowledge is superseeded by your intuition.

You breathe. Do not settle with just knowing this. Feel it with the next breath. It is a natural occurrence happening very close to you. Each inhalation is a new you entering and each exhalation is the old you leaving. Combined with some focus and the natural alignment in our bodies, we can use this process, respiration as we know it, to maintain a good sense of health. Good health is not a foreigner waving at you from the docks, it is your idea of vitality. That is why we say,’yoga is for YOU’. I can do it this way, and others they do it that way, but you’re doing it YOUR way, and that is the best way. So DO it. Your way must be regular.

When we begin, we need guidance. Receiving from those who came before us, in acknowledgement and with respect, is one way to get a ‘kickstart’. This may come in many forms. You may attend classes, or make friends with someone who has been practising for a while or even go out into the greater world to seek a teacher. Whatever you choose, it will ‘feel’ right and in the end that is the final guidance, your own intuition.

Once you start practising, the benefits become very obvious to you. There must be proof. If there is no proof, then why are you continuing? Maybe your modality is another. In Yoga, there must be evidence. Some examples of visible benefits of yoga are outlined below :

Physical Benefits in a Conch Shell

Blood pressure decreases, respiration rate increases, cardiovascular performance increases, hormonal system normalises, weight normalises, sleep improves, balance improves, better eye hand co-ordination, better concentration levels, improved strength and flexibility in joints and muscles, different body parts communicate with and relate to each other in a more holistic way, improved posture, digestion improves, sexual stamina progresses, body detoxifies, voice improves, skin radiance increases, nervous system benefits

Mental as Many Things

‘Yog Chitt Vrtti Nirodh’ is sanskrit. It is a short and sweet way of conveying the role of Yoga in suppressing or restraining the fluctuations of the mind. Sanskrit scholars have dwelled on each word over centuries and today there are as many interpretations of these as there are yoga businesses.

Mental benefits must be experienced by engaging into postures safely and slowly.
Attention, concentration and memory improves as does focus, improvement in social skills and well being, decreases anxiety and depression, self acceptance increases and stress levels decrease, perception and self actualisation improves, learning efficiency improves on an ongoing basis, general sense of mental balance starts to become more consistent.


There are many psychological and emotional benefits from the practice of Yog. However these need not be explained here. Let’s get you on the mat and practising first!

A very good teacher of mine always says with utmost love and honesty,‘yoga hasn’t solved all my problems, but it has made a significant difference to my entire life!’.

I am okay with that one.


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    Cool Site Bro.

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      thanks bruv, I only checked this comment out today. lots of love buddy, hoping to see you soon.

  2. Lou
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    An inspiring site!
    I found myself gracefully lead to take a moment in to the morning shade to breathe and stretch. Thank you Nilesh!
    Your students are very fortunate to have you near.

    May 29, 2019

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